Sometimes We Eat

Sometimes We Eat is a series of short films, shot identically to one another, around the subject of a family diner.  To begin, we will shoot three separate family meals: Palestinian, Israeli and American.  Each film will be shot with identical camera movements and editing will be replicated frame by frame in order to create a “mirror” effect while viewing the films in combination on multiple screens.


Through the creation of a projected film “mirror”, the viewer can tap directly into a fundamental human ritual: the eating and sharing of food with family and friends.


Gratiis Productions believes that when people connect on our most human instincts, they can then begin to build a bridge to understanding. 


Gratiis Productions seeks to reach as many people as possible by showing the films as an installation within museums, galleries, cultural centers, universities and government institutions as well as public and private spaces.  


A shot sequence and editing schematic will be created and shared with filmmakers from around the world as they can then contribute their own culture’s meal to the project.