Let Me Live

Gratiis Productions is excited to announce our first international collaboration.  "Let Me Live" is written and directed by Osama Abed, a Palestinian/American film maker currently based in Ramallah.


"If we worry more about how people see us, instead of listening to each other, how can we unite as a people and share a common identity?"

Osama Abed


Under occupation for 67 years, the Palestinian people have lived resilient, heroic and proud lives.  Today's population of youth way outnumber those over 26 years of age.  This generation is seeing a new way of living while trying to maintain the traditions of the past.The issues that people face in their daily lives that would seem normal in Western Society are not always easy to solve in Palestine.  When it comes to personal relationships, drug use, sexual orientation, and other factors that contribute to the making of an individual are often hidden out of fear and shame.  Osama Abed seeks to share these stories in the hopes of creating a more open minded and tolerant society.


"The stories I like are the ones not always told."

Osama Abed