Founding Memebers

With over 22 years of friendship and collaboration, we've accumulated all we know about storytelling and banded together to form Gratiis Productions.  Each of us brings very personal and unique skill sets from our diverse and unconventional lives.  Over many conversations about art, storytelling, and social justice and our own travels around the world, we created Gratiis Productions to adress the need for quality productions that focus on social change as we strive to participate in the global community.  It is our hope that we will encounter and befriend thousands of artists along our journey who share our values and seek active collaboration for the benefit of a better world.  We believe that culture leads the path to enlightened change.  We are excited to bring the public new stories, new artistic viewpoints and new methods from the world as we seek peaceful and impactful means to generate change in communities in every corner of the globe.