Abdullah H. Erakat

Palestinian/American writer and director Osama Abed has broken onto the Palestinian film scene with great support and appreciation from his fellow Palestinian artists.  He is currently working on a narrative short film, a feature length film crop and a feature documentary about the lives of artists under occupation.  More at www.osamaabed.com

Writer Hasheemah Afaneh has recently been published int he Huffington Post, This Week in Palestine as well as in Sixteen Minutes to Palestine, Riwayya and Cigale Literary Magazine.  She is a recent graduate of Birzeit University and is currently pursuing her Masters degree.  Afaneh’s blog: www.norestrictiononwords.wordpress.com.

Writer, Professor and Theater Director Abdullah Erakat is known mostly for his work on screenplays and theater.  His powerful and original voice is expressive of the modern Palestinian condition and deals often with issues of identity and family.  Erakat is currently pursuing a Masters degree while he continues work on screenplays.