Gratiis Productions was founded in 2014 with our focus on being a leader in generating a new storytelling industry where artists and professionals are able to make a living creating work that is focused on positive social change.  Gratiis Productions strives to be in the forefront of developing new storytelling techniques based on the rapidly changing methods of production, platforms and consumership.


Gratiis Productions envisions a world where at least 20% of all story production is focused on generating positive social change within communities around the world and seeking solutions to difficult social, educational and interpersonal issues and conflicts told by new and under-heard voices from around the world. 


GRATIIS PRODUCTIONS is a vehicle through which the essence of social change is cultivated, refined and distributed to target communities that struggle with issues ranging from basic needs to more complex understanding of peaceful and sustainable cohabitation.


GRATIIS PRODUCTIONS is a catalyst for change in the traditional storytelling modes.  Applying critical thinking, measuring actions and using original artistic talent are the foundation of a movement that will create an entertainment industry based on positive social change


GRATIIS PRODUCTIONS works with and trains artists to go beyond their traditional roles and become regular participants in the community and ambassadors for the work on and off the stage and screen.

Value Propositions

The telling of a story is a human right. 


The ability and access required to produce stories to scale, realizing fully maximized impact in underserved communities is a problem that can be fixed.


Theater is an artistic expression of the human condition that can be used for both entertainment and education.


Recognizing that storytelling contains many delivery methods and that communities are diverse in their structure of story application, Gratiis Productions and its partners must actively explore all possibilities to create the best possible production tailored for a specific community.


Storytelling does not end at the close of the curtain.  Rather, it is a beginning of a dialog that continues beyond the stage and screen and becomes a central part of a community.  It is a valued tool used to educate and exchange ideas becoming a platform from which a community may initiate change. 


Communities with established means for social change are valued. Gratiis Productions utilizes the existing structure of communication, desire for change and the willingness to openly discuss the process to create lasting impact.


Artists are an integral part of a community and should be valued through providing proper wages, allowing them to focus solely on their craft in order to reach full potential and provide maximum benefit to the community they serve.